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Institute of Hospitality

All our courses are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. The are focused on practical skills to give you the learner real life situations to enhance your learning experience.



After assessing our courses The CPD recognised the value to a Hospitality Industry Professional. Each programme has CPD points associated with it

Centre for Competitiveness

We are the recommended supplier of eLearning to the Hospitality Industry by the Automobile Association and work hand in hand with The Centre for Competitive Excellence in North and Southern Ireland.

Hospitality Training Programmes & Modules 

When you need professional development or to add a new skill, let the team at the Hospitality eLearning Training Academy help you.

Our wide range of informative, visually creative hospitality courses developed by hospitality industry professionals are available
to you to train 24 hrs a day.


All the hospitality training academy modules contained in our programmes are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and are available by subscribing to our new membership package

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Popular hospitality training academy courses include: Professional Housekeeping, Professional Food Service, Induction for Hotel Staff, Wine and Champagne Service, Giving Great Customer Service, Licensing Awareness for Operational Staff and a choice of 3 Allergy modules.