Frequently asked questions

Payment options

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  • Can I become an Affilliate?

    If you would like to join our affiliate programme, please contact us via 'Contact us' found on the top navigation bar

System requirements
  • Do the modules/courses run on a tablet?

    All of the modules/courses have been designed to run on desktops and tablets. It is possible to run a course on a smart phone, but we don't recommend it.

  • Why is there is no sound on the module?

    All the modules/courses are fully voiced over. If you have a hearing impairment or no access to a machine with sound, a copy of the voiceover script its available by clicking the Audio button on the module player. Ensure you have the sound turned on, on your desktop pc or device and set at a comfortable level.

  • Which browsers will the courses run on?

    The modules work on IE11, Google chrome, Opera, Safari. If a module won’t play update or change your browser – modules are not videos they are web pages. If you are still using Windows XP you will need to download Google chrome to play the modules. Close down other memory hungry applications before you start, such as computer games.

  • Do I need fast broadband to run the courses?

    Check you have a good internet connection - 4Mb is recommended. If the module freezes it is more than likely the internet connection not the module. Try again later.

Small Business Package

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Group management