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Prepare and serve drinks

Do you know…. the difference between different whiskies or why some whisky is spelt with an extra ‘e’…  the base flavours of different spirits… the origin of vermouths and the different types……. the difference between vintage and ruby port or cream and fino sherry or madeira and marsala…. the difference between fruit and cream liqueurs, Tia Maria or Drambuie … cordials and squashes? Learn about different cocktails and serving drinks with a professional flourish and be inspired to research more....

All about Presentation

Final presentation part of the Professional Housekeeping Skills programme will put the final touches in place that show the professionalism of Housekeeping...

Silver Service Techniques

The technique of silver service is often used for banqueting service and is a highly sought after professional skill. To get the most from this module have a dish with some scrap food and a serving spoon and fork ready and you can join in the exercises that the module contains. Practice makes perfect!...